Blog is NOT a 4 Letter Word but Sell Is

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Blog is NOT a 4 Letter Word but Sell Is

For all of my blog-phobic friends to whom I’ve been preaching the benefits of having your very own repository of information:   A colleague just forwarded this link to me because of the topic.  While I’m happy to share the strategy of this article with my clients, it isn’t so much the article as the whole “blog that isn’t a blog” that I’m most impressed with.

This blog employs exactly the kind of strategy that offers the best efficiency for smaller organizations.

Why this is great?

Your timing.  This blog isn’t on a schedule.  When you DO have something to say, you have a place for it.  You can also automatically push your post to email or social media outlets.  All you have to do is blog.

Your topics.  I’ve never met a service provider, or anyone selling anything for that matter, that didn’t have opinions, advice, and observations to share with customers and prospects.  It’s called “consultative selling,” and it works.

Your way.  This doesn’t even look like a blog.  Note the disclaimer under Thoughts in the top left column.

Your information.  No promises, no apologies.  Just the facts, as you see them.

The author’s personal style is VERY much a part of this blog, as are her values, her aesthetics, and her priorities. Don’t miss the fine print at the bottom of the posts, and ESPECIALLY don’t miss the subtlety of the URL that reads like a sentence for every page:

And guess what?  Because of her expertise on the topic, I discovered that the author does absolutely beautiful work, she speaks at events I might want to attend, and she sells lovely products that I would likely never have found any other way.

People buy from those they like and identify with. Blogging allows both your current and potential clients to get to know you, to trust you, to decide that they do in fact want to do business with YOU.  If you don’t like the feeling of ‘selling’, try rapport building instead.

Karen. #karensullivan #sullivansolutions

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