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There are very few absolutes in marketing. Fundamentals.  Best practices.  Rules of thumb.  Brainstorms.  Brilliant ideas.  Unique observations.  These contribute to successful marketing, but they do not define it, neither do they restrict it.

Sometimes the best solution comes from a different direction or a new question. That is why we are industry-agnostic. And these are the kinds of things we think about.

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Are you already a Marketing Superhero?

Are you already a
Marketing Superhero?

various samples branded items

Using a Brand Board to Manage Healthy Brand Ambassadors

Arguably, every business has a brand…it’s just a matter of how strong it is. Every body has muscles. Some of those bodies have muscles that can run marathons and some of those bodies have muscles that can’t run across the street. Creating a brand board is a quick...


What Now? Are You Ready for What Comes Next?

Topic: What Now? Prepare for Next!             Description:             Get ready for OPEN. Running your business after COVID-19 will never be the same as it was before, so what steps will give you the strongest recovery? **Send us...


Communicating COVID-19 changes for your business

There is no more “business as usual”. The COVID-19 pandemic is forever changing our notion of normal. In order to adjust, we have to act even faster than the virus.   Here’s a few tips for managing and communicating COVID-19 changes that are affecting your...

creating change the lightbulb that wants to change

Creating change for my organization

Change is hard. Creating change in my organization, and in myself, is really hard. We all laugh at the old joke about how many psychologists it takes to change a light bulb – but the punchline is a real sucker punch if you think about it. Has to want to change. I...

This is an image portraying cybersecurity.

WordPress Maintenance: News for Our Clients

Note from the author:  This article will be updated for 2024 soon! Thank you for trusting us with your WordPress maintenance again this year. We wanted to give you some insight into what maintaining your website means for us and what you can expect for the new...

Explain the acronym FOMO

FOMO Because YOLO? FOMO’s Effect on Business

What is FOMO?   FOMO or “fear of missing out” has been causing anxiety for business owners, ordinary people, and animals alike since the beginning of time. Imagine your friends are going out together on a Friday night … maybe you have plans to do something...

Leveraging your Accounting. Sullivan Solutions presents the Business Builder Breakfast Series.

The Creativity of Leveraging Your Accounting: Follow Up

The Creativity of Leveraging Your Accounting: Follow Up Wow. It’s amazing what you can learn from people who love what they do and honestly care about helping their customers achieve success. Hilary Dodson and Tracey Holecek totally delivered on useful information...

Funding Your Business Expansion. The Business Breakfast Builder Series. #sullivansolutions #karensullivan

Early Mornings and Other Things for Love/Hate Relationships

Funding Your Business Growth I joke a lot about hating math. The truth is, it fascinates me, especially when it goes past the basics to include formulas and patterns and complex answers to burning questions like “what is the smallest file size that will produce the...