We work best in partnership with early second-stage B2B businesses.


Most of our clients are  in professional services, manufacturing, and construction industries.

If you already know exactly what you need, you probably don’t need us.

Are you already a Marketing Superhero?

Are you already a
Marketing Superhero?

Our Process

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Partnership Qualification

Before we engage

Sales process…

Clarity of purpose, process, and expectations

Alignment of objectives

Budget review

Rough schedule and deliverables

Dig In

When we agree to work together, we immediately roll up our sleeves and dig into the trenches with you and your team. We investigate the problems you’ve asked us to solve from every angle.  Next, we collect as much information as possible, then assess the opportunities.

  • Market audit and assessment
  • Team workflow coaching
  • Marketing strategy
  • Tactical marketing plan

Jump Start

Big projects, fixed scope.

  • Brand design and development
  • Positioning and messaging buildout
  • Website development
  • Marketing automation
  • Digital marketing


If you prefer, is complemented by our fast response and on-demand service.

  • Executive strategy management
  • Responsive sales support
  • Fully outsourced expert implementation
  • On-demand tactical support

“Sullivan Solutions understands my business and has truly represented my voice via an on-line presence combined with cohesive materials and marketing strategies that have directly helped grow my business.”

— Karen Marshall, Founder of Vero3 Consulting

Get the Details

Ideal Customer Profiles

Most of our clients have several things in common.

Privately held business with fewer than 500 employees in a single business unit.

The owner is personally involved in daily operations.

The executive team is less than 5 people and does not include a CMO.

Their markets are primarily other businesses.

The company has been in business over 5 years and specifically seeks to scale up or introduce new products.

Professional Services

Multiple Practice Areas

5-150 Employees

> $1.5mm Annual Revenue


Multiple SBUs/Brands

10-500 Employees

> $2.5mm Annual Revenue

Types of Engagements

We solve marketing problems for our clients in three key ways to ensure the powerful results they need.

Service - Strategy Roadmap - Sullivan Solutions


Services - Marketing Conversations Sullivan Solutions

Consulting & Support for Implementation

Services - Management Power - Sullivan Solutions

Consulting & Full Implementation

Full auditing, assessment, and planning for effective marketing and sales. These clients often have internal teams responsible for implementation. We establish goals and milestones in a roadmap for success.

Many of our clients seek guidance and assistance in achieving key initial milestones like positioning, brand development, website development, key collateral design, and team process design. We coach and train in-house staff to successfully utilize the roadmap.

Our team serves as an extension of yours with full strategic and tactical support. Working with your executive, operations, and sales teams, we help your business scale faster with responsive marketing that empowers them to achieve key performance and growth goals. Our full tactical marketing support is complimented by our fast response and on-demand service.

We help entrepreneurs find ways to think better, sell better, and communicate better to bring their vision to reality.

Our expertise is understanding the entrepreneurial mind, early-stage budgets, and customer expectations — and then guiding marketing strategy accordingly.

When you work with Sullivan Solutions, you are partnering with a team of specialists covering every aspect of marketing including strategy, branding, and messaging as well as the development and design of marketing materials that will impact and motivate your target audiences.

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