3 Game Changers in Social Media

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You’ve created your social media profiles, you schedule posts in advance, and you respond to your followers, how could you possibly engage your audience further? The answer –  real-time, interactive video posting through Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat!


Take your followers along for the ride with Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat!





Facebook Live: Now & Forever

Broadcast to the largest audience in the world, 1.86 billion and counting! Facebook Live offers a fun, and accessible way to connect with followers both old and new. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Next Question, Please

Have engaging conversations with your followers. Interact with your viewers in real time by hosting a Q&A session. Show your audience that you are listening; answer their questions and call out viewers by name.


Pull Back the Curtain

Show a behind the scenes look at your company, highlighting the work culture of your employees and company.  Provide a sneak peek of a new product or service.


Coming Soon

Use Facebook Live to give your audience a sneak peek at your products or services and take questions from the audience to generate interest and remove barriers to sales. Provide a promotional link for pre-orders during the live feed, you have their attention now capitalize on it!


What’s Happening Now

Have an upcoming event that you would like to live stream? Let your audience know when you will be going live. Live streamed events allow your viewers to feel as if they are right there with you.

Once the live stream has ended, the video remains on your page or profile to be rewatched by your audience.


Going Live:


How Long Will it Last?

Unlike Instagram Story and Snapchat, Facebook Live videos DO NOT disappear after 24 hours. Once the live feed has ended the video remains on the page or profile of the original broadcast. The video can then be shared or deleted as you choose.


Your Audience Awaits

Broadcast to current fans through your newsfeed. Those who are friends/fans of your profile or page will receive a notification when you go Live.

You can also reach new audiences through the Live section of Facebook. Viewers can access Live streams from around the world through the Facebook Live Map.


Audience Reactions

Gauge how your broadcast is going with Live Reactions – Facebook “Like” options will be displayed during the feed for you and the viewers to see.


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Instagram Stories: Bring Your Feed to Life

With Instagram Stories, you don’t have to worry about cluttering up your followers’ feeds. Share as much as you want throughout the day — with as much creativity as you want.

The videos and photos posted to your Story appear in a slideshow format and can be edited to include doodles and text.


For a Limited Time Only

Post a coupon or other offer as an Instagram story with a 24-hour expiration date, direct your viewers to a link in your bio or display the URL in your story to claim the offer.


An Inside Look

Bring personality to your brand’s social media, by demonstrating what makes your company unique i.e. your work environment, employees, services, etc. Sharing an inside look with your audience can be used to highlight your products and services, provide behind the scenes footage or tease new products.


This is…Signing On

Instagram takeovers are a great way for brands to collaborate and grow their audience through cross-promotion. Learn how to host an Instagram takeover here.


Before You Hit Record:



Like Snapchat, Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours but never fear they are also downloadable! Simply tap the three dots on the bottom right-hand side of your photo or video, and then tap the Save Photo option. The photos will then appear in your camera roll. Allowing you to share your Story with any followers who may have missed it. To learn more about saving your Instagram Stories visit this helpful site.


Live Stories

Like Facebook, Instagram also offers real-time videos. Your followers will be notified when you begin a live video. Unlike Facebook, however, Instagram does not save or publish live videos once they have ended. Learn more about live Instagram videos here.


Tag a Friend

Mention a friend by tapping the camera symbol in the top left of your screen, take a photo or video and then tap @ followed by the username of who you would like to mention. When you mention someone in your story, their username will appear in your story with an underline. Anyone who can see your story can tap the link to go to their profile. You can mention up to 10 people in each photo or video you share.

People you mention will get a push notification telling them that you have mentioned them in your story. They will also receive a direct message from you with a preview of your story. This preview will disappear from the message after 24 hours. Learn more about mentions here.


Follow the Link

Adding links to your story is a feature that is currently being tested, right now it is only available to verified users.

Hyperlinks can be viewed by tapping the “see more” button at the bottom of a story, the link will then load using Instagram’s in-app browser. This feature can be helpful for directing your audience to your site.


‘Round and Around We Go

Bring movement to your profile with Boomerang!

Create a photo loop with Boomerang. Tap the camera button in the top left of your screen and tap the Boomerang button at the bottom of the screen, and then tap the circle to take a burst of five photos that loops forward and backward.


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Snapchat: Say Cheese!

Snapchat lets you easily share photos and videos with friends and fans alike. View Live Stories from around the world, and explore news in Discover. Here are a few good ways to live in the moment with Snapchat!


Share Your Story

Take a selfie or share a funny video the choice is yours. Photos and videos can be shared publicly or privately, simply choose to publish to your Story or send to friends.


Meet the Team

Highlight the personality of your company by showing your employees and behind the scenes action.


Check This Out

Display a URL on an image or video, directing your audience to your webpage.


What’s Your Opinion

Want feedback from your audience about a product or service? Prompt your audience to send you responses directly, viewers can send a text, photo, or video response to your user directly.


All About Snapchat – Filters, Stickers, Geolocation and More:


How Much Time Do We Have

Snapchat allows you to record videos in 10-second increments, each video or picture published to your Story has a 24-hour shelf life. Snaps sent to individuals will disappear immediately after they are viewed.


Save for Later

Want to view or share your Story? Save your Story to your camera roll or the “Memories” section of Snapchat, share over social media or re-share over Snapchat. Learn how to save your Story here. You can also upload photos and videos from your camera roll to your Story. Learn how to upload content outside of Snapchat here.


Filters, filters, filters!

Snapchat is all about goofy and creative filters from flower crowns to tomato heads. Have fun with your videos and pictures, and get creative! Learn more about filters.













Get Creative

Snapchat offers on-demand geofilters. Design a template, pick a time and location (geofence) and purchase your very own tag. Learn how to create a Snapchat geofilter for your business.


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