Sullivan Solutions Welcomes Ginger Olivieri & Meghan McHenry

by | Jul 20, 2015 | News

As the Designer for Sullivan Solutions, Ginger designs and develops   effective marketing collateral for print and web media. With eight years experience in marketing, advertising, product development, and art direction Ginger brings a varied background of freelance and corporate knowledge to Sullivan Solutions. Working to design and develop various marketing materials such as ads, packaging, trade-show banners, product photography and website graphics. She also brainstorms with team members to develop marketing campaigns along with brand and promotional strategies for the company

“I am always aiming to experience every aspect of art and design wherever possible.”

A graduate of the School of Visual Arts with a BFA degree, her specialties include; marketing and advertising, art director, graphic design and product development.

In past positions she has served as Art Director for Team Beans, LLC from there she became the Art Director for EK Success. She is also the former Art Director/Product Development for Silver Knight and Marketing Manager/Senior Graphic Designer of Univenture, Inc. After years of corporate work, Ginger began her own freelance business, Ginger Olivieri Designs, as a graphic designer.

Some of her past responsibilities included: overseeing the design and development for multiple product lines, generating strategies for product launches and new concepts, and traveling overseas to various manufacturing facilities to work directly with suppliers.


MeghanMAs the Media Coordinator for Sullivan Solutions, Meghan is responsible for public relations. Her responsibilities include, PR writing and follow up, content creation, copyediting, social media management, email marketing, photography, and video production.

“I believe the best approach to communication is immersion; to be fully involved with each and every client.”

A graduate of Otterbein University with a BA in Public Relations and a minor in journalism and media communication, she has worked with a variety of clients. Over the course of her undergraduate career, Meghan held four internships ranging from a small women-owned business to a prominent PR agency.

Some of her past positions include, The Women’s Book PR and Communications intern, United Way of Central Ohio Women’s Leadership Council intern, the American Red Cross of Central-Southeast Ohio Region Content Development intern, and Paul Werth Associates PR intern. Each one of Meghan’s past internships was its own unique experience, effectively providing a well-rounded understanding of the communication field.

Please join us in welcoming Ginger and Meghan; they are both thrilled to be with Sullivan Solutions and eager to begin working on your new projects!

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