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Analytics – K.I.S.S. and Tell

This is the best article I’ve seen to answer the question “What do we do with Google Analytics?” It’s also a good example of “duplicate content”.

5 Essential Data Views for Google Analytics Beginners

Original Article

Duplicate content isn’t always bad. However, if Google perceives that you have deliberately duplicated content across domains in an attempt to impact SEO or deceive users, they may go so far as to remove your site from search results. If you want to know more, both Google and Yoast offer good advice. Spoiler alert: It gets complicated fast.

Brand Loyalty – Good AND Bad Dose of Reality

This LinkedIn article offers a thought-provoking and easy read for evaluating how your customers see your brand. It is ALSO a great example, IMO, of a well-written marketing article:

  • It’s concise
  • It’s helpful
  • It isn’t “salesy” but it does a good job of positioning the writer’s brand to establish credibility and authority.

Do your friends really like you? – A Marketer’s Guide

Styling Decision Fatigue

Decision fatigue is a powerful concept. This article made me consider addiction to having choices as an avoidance technique. Can choosing between several pairs of shoes in the morning sabotage my ability to make a good business decision in the afternoon?

Why Successful Individuals Wear the Same Outfit Daily

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