Happy New Year, Valentine!

by | Feb 14, 2013 | Good Ideas

So how are you doing with those resolutions you made to spend a little more time on marketing your business in 2013?

Here are 5 quick and easy things you can do to promote your business before you even close this email.

Show your business some love today by doing 1 or 2 quick things to connect with your customers and prospects.  It’s MUCH easier than exercising. I promise!

  1. Endorse someone on LinkedIn.  It only takes a couple of clicks and your name will show up in your status feed and theirs.  It’s instant visibility but be careful to only endorse skills you can truly vouch for.
  2. Follow your customers’ businesses on LinkedIn or Like them on Facebook. It’s both instant visibility for you and a compliment to them to be followed. It says “I’m thinking of you” with no strings attached.
  3. Forward an email or link to key colleagues. If you find something helpful, others will, too.  All you have to add is “I thought of you when I read this.” Hint: try it with this one!
  4. Make a lunch date. You have to eat anyway.  Invite a customer, colleague, or mentor.  For the price of lunch you get inspiration, honest feedback, coaching, and socialization (the real kind).  Almost everyone is flattered to be asked for advice over lunch or coffee.  Hint:  I’m available.
  5. Send 1 quick email that says “thinking of you” and/or “thank you” to someone who has been especially supportive of your business in the past year.

There.  That wasn’t so hard, was it?

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