Straight to the point: Profitability

In 2010, Karen Marshall founded Vero3 Consulting, a management company that focuses on maximizing the growth and financial health of businesses within the Dental Industry. With over 35 years of industry experience and a unique combination of clinical, legal and business management expertise, Karen, gives professional practices the customized, tangible solutions they need to realize their full business potential.

The challenge

Prospective Clients Just Didn’t Get It.

It’s not unusual: Vero3’s best prospects often struggled to understand the benefits, and the value, of their services. This led to an exceptionally long sales process and high cost of sales as Karen educated her target market. This market, in turn, was already overwhelmed by long-established norms and far too many expensive options. In the best cases, Vero3’s unique selling proposition was often thought to be “too good to be true.”

Karen Marshall connected with Sullivan Solutions looking for help in overcoming the barriers to making sales.

The Sullivan Solution

Beginning with the 3 second elevator pitch

Sullivan Solutions began with a deep dive into the Vero3 premise and business model. Karen Marshall’s unique experience in the industry yielded a wealth of hard, quantifiable data and valuable insight to support Vero3’s process. The key is that it all boiled down to one thing: profitability. That key led to the new tagline, a succinct elevator pitch with laser focus.

We turn practices into profitable businesses.

This tagline set the standard for all subsequent content development.

website that tells the right story

Our next step was to automate the first step of Vero3’s sales process by referring potential customers to a redesigned website with key information to educate prospects, thus saving hours in overhead sales costs.

On the website, compelling numbers for critical results let to simple graphics, all placed above the fold for immediate impact.  The cohesive visuals of the site clearly define and differentiate the multi-faceted areas where Vero3’s highlights and builds advanced customer care. 

We continued to build trust through an online presence. A system of solid success stories and testimonials specifically illustrated each key benefit and addressed each routine objection. 

collateral with the right tagline
“When Sullivan Solutions updated my web site they captured my whole story, my true voice is there, they really know me, my business, and now my potential clients do too.”

— Karen Marshall, Founder of Vero3 Consulting

Finally, the content and visuals were translated into cost-effective collateral. These pieces gave Karen choices for handouts, leave-behinds, and follow ups that delivered high-impact

The result

Clear messaging delivers clear value

After implementing our solutions, Vero3 has spent 60% fewer hours explaining what their business does and has received more inquiries and referrals. They have become an uncontested knowledge expert within their industry and are effectively branching out into other service sectors with their proprietary model.  Sales cycles have become measurably shorter and the reduction in overhead hours has increased the company’s ability for growth and revenue.

We help entrepreneurs find ways to think better, sell better, and communicate better to bring their vision to reality.

Our expertise is understanding the entrepreneurial mind, early-stage budgets, and customer expectations — and then guiding marketing strategy accordingly.

When you work with Sullivan Solutions, you are partnering with a team of specialists covering every aspect of marketing including strategy, branding, and messaging as well as the development and design of marketing materials that will impact and motivate your target audiences.

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