Outsourced Marketing Is a Great Source to Drive Fast Action and Growth

When Toledo-based Rudolph Libbe Companies acquired a controlling interest in Columbus’ Lehman Daman Construction Services, Inc., they had high expectations.  Rudolph Libbe had a highly successful in-house marketing team that lacked the bandwidth to immediately cover their new acquisition given the distance from HQ.

Jim Daman brought in Sullivan Solutions to consult and begin to build the Lehman Daman brand for visibility to match Rudolph Libbe expectations.

The challenge

Planning for Scale Up without a marketing plan

Throughout over 70 years of growth and management changes, Lehman Daman maintained a sterling reputation among their clients but remained largely unknown as a contender for the projects that would fuel the growth that Rudolph Libbe expected.

LD had historically relied on word of mouth, personal relationships, and the ability to point to nearby examples for business development. Now, they needed sophisticated marketing to match the sophistication of the services they were capable of delivering.

The Sullivan Solution

Building a Marketing Foundation from Scratch on 74 years of history

From the beginning, Sullivan Solutions moved quickly to develop critical initial leave-behind and reference materials for LD services.  Our design process was coordinated with RLG marketing to ensure that the LD materials complimented the strong RLG branding without compromising their uniqueness.

Lehman Daman Website Design

We immediately began extensive photography for work and work-in-progress.

Sullivan Solutions traveled to every key job site us to begin building a photo library to demonstrate all aspects of Lehman Daman’s work.

Within two weeks, Sullivan Solutions launched a single page website with enhanced styling and emergency photography for an instant online makeover for optimum representation until a full site could be developed. This “placeholder” site was focused on the customers Lehman Daman wanted using a modern, mobile-friendly design that immediately positioned them for higher caliber conversations.

LD overview image 2

Helping the work speak clearly for itself

Concurrently, we interviewed hand-picked LD customers. This gave us strong testimonials targeted to specific LD strengths. It also gave us client-perspectives that enriched our library of case studies built to demonstrate the LD reputation.

As the content grew, we launched an expanded new website designed to showcase the details of the most high-profile projects and tell the full story of LD’s capabilities. The structure allowed for easy updates and full use of the photo library.


We created a flexible library of branded materials, photography, and testimonials for easy and fast sales use.

In combination, our initiatives gave Lehman Daman a flexible library of branded materials, photography, and testimonials for easy and fast sales use. These included the case studies, promotional cut sheets, and print-on-demand industry-focused portfolios that could be personalized and printed on demand for specific prospect meetings.

The Results

Strong Marketing enables Stronger Sales

Professionally designed sales materials and messaging enabled the LD team to standardize their sales processes and substantially exceed RL’s initial growth expectations with no additions in staff. This led to the ability to add a dedicated business development manager the next year and to continued exponential sales growth. LD was named to the CBF Fast 50 in 2016 and 2018.

We help entrepreneurs find ways to think better, sell better, and communicate better to bring their vision to reality.

Our expertise is understanding the entrepreneurial mind, early-stage budgets, and customer expectations — and then guiding marketing strategy accordingly.

When you work with Sullivan Solutions, you are partnering with a team of specialists covering every aspect of marketing including strategy, branding, and messaging as well as the development and design of marketing materials that will impact and motivate your target audiences.

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