Brent Long’s 7 Steps to SALES Excellence

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Blog, Business Builder Breakfasts

Building a SALES Culture to Scale Up and Sustain Your Business

Brent Long Presents 7 Steps to SALES Excellence


The Business Builder Breakfast Series Presents Brent Long's 7 Steps to Sales Excellence. #sullivansolutions #brentlong #thestatebankandtrust #asseenincolumbus #dublinohio

I’m looking forward to learning what this means from Brent Long of Long on Life.

Kyle Koppenhoefer, Principal of AltaSim Technologies in Worthington, first introduced me to Brent. Kyle and I frequently swap stories of the typical frustrations of building our businesses. We both agree that leading sales and managing an effective sales process are some of the most difficult responsibilities for most small business owners.

What can you expect from Brent Long and the second in our series of Business Builder Breakfasts?

“Brent Long has a passion for helping others execute their sales in a responsible, ethical manner while reducing their cost of sales,” says Kyle. “I have worked with Brent to improve sales at AltaSim Technologies since 2003, and I continue to rely heavily on his advice and wisdom to grow our sales team. I know that he loves salespeople and seeks to help maximize their impact in the marketplace.”

No matter the business, “sales” is pretty much always the top on the list of “what keeps you up at night”. I find it amusing that “sale” is a 4-letter word.

True entrepreneurs rarely like to sell.

We like to create change, we like to invent, we like to persuade, and we like to do things our own unique way. It should be obvious why we are better.

But it’s not obvious. And it’s not easy.

That’s where Brent Long comes in. I hope you will join us.

Building a SALES Culture to Scale Up and Sustain Your Business   

Wednesday, February 27, 2019
The State Bank Building, Dublin, Ohio

Karen. #karensullivan #sullivansolutions

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