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by | Oct 18, 2016 | Blog, Communication, Good Ideas, Tips

We live in a highly-digital age, with so much information constantly available at our fingertips, it’s sometimes difficult to see through the clutter. Each week I scroll through countless articles in my newsfeed, this week I compiled a small selection of high-quality and helpful articles that stood out to me. Bookmark, read and enjoy!

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Digital, shmigital. It certainly isn’t easy.

“… there are challenges that must also be addressed: Ninety-four percent of respondents in one study said that their first impression of a website centered on design, while 40% left if a site took more than three seconds to load. Demand Metric found that 82% of consumers surveyed felt more positive about a brand after they read custom content from that brand, requiring companies to produce more content.”

10 Must-Have Digital Marketing Skills for 2016 and Beyond

Who’s gonna do this for me?

“Highly productive executives manage their workload on their task lists by asking ‘is this work/task something I can do?”

Thinking, Leading and Doing Like a CEO

Christmas is coming, people.

But good practices are valid all year long.

“no matter what services you offer, email is a valuable – and powerful – tool for promoting your business, communicating with your customers, and driving sales.”

How to Make the Most of Email Marketing During the Holidays


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